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Wasp Control Leicester, Warwickshire

There are many different types of Insects – wasps, flies, ants, bugs, beetles, moths, bees, cockroaches etc. The names of insects and types of insects is endless and at Pest Control Leicester we appreciate that the sooner their gone from your home or establishment, the better.

We specialise in domestic and commercial pest control within the Leicester and surrounding area.

Many insects and flies need to be disposed of efficiently and effectively not just due to the annoyance, but the potential diseases that they carry. So as soon as you identify insects in your property, including house flies and bugs, call pest control Leicester and we will be glad to help.

There are also many types of British wasps, however many of us are resistant to killing wasps due to suffering from wasps sting mainly from childhood. Pest Control Leicester are experts in wasp control and problems with wasp nests in Leicester, and can also help with similar pests including hornets.

We also specialise in ant control. Ants and insects alike carry disease so killing ants and disposing of them properly is an important task. Here at Pest Control Leicester we can eradicate flying ants, black ants, red ants, bugs, termites and ants nests.

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24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week
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